Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have English classes at Immigrant Services?

No. Immigrant Services has the Language Assessment Centre. After your English level is assessed you are referred to language training programs. There are some programs at Immigrant Services that support English language practice, but no classes.

How do I know if my English is good enough for working in Canada?

This depends on the kind of work environment you expect to be in.  You will always need some English in order to be safe and understand your responsibilities. The best way to find out your language levels according to Canadian standards is to have a language assessment. You will find out your Canadian Language Benchmarks levels in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and discuss your results with the Assessor after the assessment. If you need or want to learn more English, you will get information on English Language classes.

How can I prepare for my language assessment?

You cannot really study for the language assessment because the assessment is task-based (instead of grammar-based for example). By using English in your daily living, you are preparing for this assessment!  Come to your assessment rested and ready to show the Assessor what you can do in English.

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