CONNECT Computer Club

What is CONNECT?

A computer club for newcomers and people with low English skills. You will learn basic computer and internet skills with help from our friendly volunteers.

Do you speak little English or no English?

We will try to match you with a volunteer tutor who can speak your language.

What are the benefits?

Learn new skills and gain knowledge that may allow you to:

  • search for a job
  • become a volunteer with a local organization
  • adapt better to life in Canada, where technology is used for many needs
  • build your confidence
  • improve your English¬†
  • meet more people

Have fun. Upgrade your skills and start CONNECTING with technology. You will be able to type a letter or resume using Microsoft Word, do job searches on the internet, apply for a job, send and receive emails, read online news and more!

Do you want to be a volunteer tutor?

We welcome prospective volunteers who have very good computer skills and love to help other people learn. You must be patient, respectful, and speak another language other than English. If you are a high school student, you can complete your 40 hours of volunteer time. Being a volunteer tutor is a great way to meet people from other cultures and gain experience teaching others.

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