Volunteer in the Community

IS-GW helps new immigrants connect with community organizations in Guelph and Wellington through the Mobilized Engaged Involved (MEI) program.

MEI services are designed to create mutual understanding between newcomers, Guelph-Wellington organizations and communities; promote voluntarism and create opportunities for new immigrants of all ages to volunteer at IS-GW or in the community; build social networks and communication skills; and learn about Canadian workplace culture.

NEW! Family Mentoring Program

The MEI program now provides families with the opportunity to build and develop skills for and knowledge about life in Canada through a family mentoring program. The goal of the program is to connect newcomer immigrant families with long term Canadian or settled immigrant families to facilitate belongingness and a sense of inclusion through friendship and guidance. 

Matched families will meet for 2 hours, once a week for 12 weeks. The schedule is flexible and based on your family's availability.

There are numerous possibilities for families to explore:
- discuss and tour major points of interest in the city
- participate in community life or events
- discuss daily living and the possible challenges families face
- go to a movie, play soccer or hockey together

We are currently looking for long-term Canadian or settled immigrant families to participate in this program.


To learn more or to book an orientation please call Sreeja Venugopal at 519-836-2222, ext. 260 or email svenugopal@is-gw.ca


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