Annual Tax Clinic

Need help filing your Annual Income tax return?

We provide free tax preparation to lower income newcomers or families during March and April. Our volunteer tax preparers and staff all receive training through the Canada Revenue Agency.


  • Single individuals with an income of $30,000 or less
  • Single parent with one child: $35,000 or less (each additional child add $2,500)
  • A married or common law couple:  $40,000 or less (each additional child add $2,500)
  • Interest income limited to under $1,000

**Returns with Deceased, Bankruptcy, Capital Gains,  Self Employment, Rental income, Employment Expenses cannot be completed by our volunteers

Year-round appointments

We also offer individual appointments to low income new immigrants who are filing income tax for the first time. To book an appointment, call 519-836-2222

Income Tax Workshops

We also run an Income Tax Workshop for newcomers where participants learn about:

  • the Canadian tax system
  • how to file an income tax return
  • taxpayer rights and responsibilities
  • when and what you need to file your return

This seminar is FREE and delivered in English in partnership with the Canada Revenue Agency.

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