Board of Directors

We held our annual general meeting on September 26, 2019. We are pleased to welcome our returning and new board members. As always, we are enormously grateful to our highly skilled board of directors for their invaluable assistance. The following members make up our board of directors for the 2019/20 year:

  • Ann Marie Gilroy (President), Conestoga College
  • Stella Pasion (Vice President) 
  • Jenny Xu (Treasurer), Sunlife Insurance
  • Anu Saxena (Secretary)
  • Diane Xuereb, Meridian Credit Union
  • Christine Oldfield
  • Caroline Duvieusart-Dery
  • Stella Pasion
  • Leen Al-Habash, GWLIP
  • Yervant Boghossian, Sorbara, Schumacher, McCann LLP (Sorbara Law)
  • Katherine Macnaughton

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