Community partners

Immigrant Services is the only charitable organization in Guelph and Wellington providing settlement services to new immigrants. Without the support of our donors many of programs would not have the capacity to reach as many people as we do or they might simply not exist.

By 2015, 67.5% of Canada’s population growth will come from new immigrants. Services such as ours are an essential part of any welcoming community. Immigrant Services helps newcomers to integrate and become part of our communities as fast as they can. This is essential for an economically viable, socially harmonious and growth-oriented Guelph and Wellington.You can support our programs by making a donation and receiving a charitable tax receipt. 






Individual supporters sustain our work through monthly donation, or one-time gift. We appreciate particularly those generous donors who have a planned giving of annual donation.  This enables us to plan for our programs with more reliability, knowing that you have committed a certain amount to our work. We proudly call donors of planned giving over $1000 annually our Partners in Action.

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