The Art of Settlement

Our community art projects are a platform for newcomers to share their experience of immigration and to engage in intercultural exchange through art making.

We work with organizations, community artists and newcomers to create artistic works that are process driven and empowering. Our current partners include the  International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation (IICSI)  and the  People of Goodwill.


Recipe for Harmony

This project funded through the Inspirit Foundation promoted pluralism by engaging youth from a variety of belief systems and culturally diverse backgrounds. During the summer of 2015, youth from diverse backgrounds participated in a unique media production opportunity. They learned  digital media skills and shared their ideas about how we can build a peaceful world together.

The eight digital stories are powerful testimonies of resilience and a deep commitment to building a caring community!

Digital Journeys

This project was initiated by the Pier 21 Museum of Immigration in Halifax. For three days in March, 2013, a dedicated group of twelve Guelph residents came together to create a series of digital stories. These stories are part of a much larger pan Canadian project. In the space of four months, Pier 21 facilitators travelled across Canada to work with communities. These stories have at their core the experience of immigrating to Canada, but each story is unique and together they catalog intensely personal journeys of growth, common experiences of leaving behind loved ones, being stateless, struggling to find home and forging new identities.

Stories of Belonging

There are many layers of meaning in this mural. It was painted by a group of extraordinary individuals. Extraordinary in their diversity, in their heartful stories and in their synergy. Their origins hail from Bangladesh, Canada, China, Egypt, Ghana, Grenada, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Romania and Sudan, and they speak Bengali, Urdu, English, French, Mandarin, Arabic, Ga, Hindi, Gujrati, Marati, Spanish and Philippino. Their stories are three-fold, and form the content of this mural – the meanings of their names, childhood memories and their relationships with elders in their lives. Their synergy during the project in July 2013, was evident in their compatibility and harmonious relatedness. Read More...

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