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Tel: 519-836-2222

104 Dawson Rd. Unit 102, Guelph, ON N1H 1A6
Bus Route: #11

Service Update - August 2021:

The ISGW office will be open one day a week on Thursdays until further notice. You must have an appointment to visit our office. Call us at 519-836-2222.
Our staff is also working remotely, Monday - Friday, to serve clients by telephone, email and video chat.


Staff Directory

Orientation and Referral - Settlement Counsellors
Name Ext
Nuhad Abdal 236 Email
Jenny Santos 259 Email
Malik Javed Awan 223 Email
Maryam Khademi 233 Email
Dayami Ramirez (Program Manager) 225 Email
Kathy Zhao 239 Email
Huria Tesfa 263 Email
Language Assessment and Referral Centre
Name Ext
Marjan Bateni (Language Assessor) 237 Email
Heather Rankin (Language Assessor) 237 Email
Kimberley Young (Program Support) 232 Email
Community Connections
Name Ext
Kirsten Kunau (Volunteer Mobilizer) 238 Email
Sreeja Venugopal (Program Manager) 260 Email
Emma Stewart Small (Outreach Worker) 230 Email
Mohamad EL Mohamad (Employment) 257 Email
Translation & Interpretation Services
Name Ext
Translation requests (Sahar Ibrahim) 234 Email
Niva Shrestha (TIPS Support) 232 Email
Interpretation requests (Jean Chow) 226 Email
SWIS program
Name Ext
Ali Zaidi (Coordinator, County) 235 Email
Binaya Nyaupane (Elementary) 232 Email
Katty Lam (Coordinator, Guelph) 232 Email
Stella Lim (Youth) 232 Email
Nahom Tekle (Elementary) 232 Email
Feven Gebreweldi (Youth) 232 Email
Kaileigh Wenstrup (Youth) 232 Email
Name Ext
Sandra Cocco (Executive Director) 224 Email

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