Nominate Our Oaktree Project Proposal!

Vote for us!   #GrowingRoots

Have you ever relocated to a new community with no friends or family?  Imagine for a moment how newcomers must feel as they start a new journey in life with little to no sense of belonging . Immigrant Services Guelph-Wellington needs your support to help us create opportunities where A SENSE OF BELONGING IS FOSTERED.

Through escorted community outings to important points of interest, newcomers will make new connections and a sense of belonging will emerge.

WE NEED your support by nominating our Oaktree Project proposalIt is as easy as 1- 2- 3! Simply follow the link below and vote. Tell us how the work we do at Immigrant Services Guelph-Wellington helps support newcomers’ journey to their new home; The City of Guelph. How would this project promote a stronger sense of belonging.

Feel free to spread the word to family and friends! Every vote counts and remember without your vote our proposed project will not happen.  Together we can make this happen!


Voting is open until July 17.

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