Settlement Orientation and Referral

20 Good Reasons to Visit Us 

Our counsellors can help you apply for...
all the necessary documents needed for the first few weeks after arrival; a health card; housing; an affordable bus pass; entitled federal and provincial benefits; the children's dental program; the Trillium drug plan; retirement pensions; various immigration-related documents such as a PR card, citizenship, a Canadian passport and travel documents, replacement of a lost or damaged record of landing.

Our counsellors can help you find...
the right school for your children; a family doctor.

Our counsellors can refer you to...
the child care subsidy program; language instruction; other community services.

Our counsellors can help you...
contact government agencies to advise them of a change of address; file your income tax returns (income eligibility applies); with employment counselling and job-search skills; enrol in school and training programs; with advocacy; understand your rights, entitlements, and responsibilities.

You are eligible for our service if you are a:
permanent resident, convention refugee, protected person, live-in caregiver, refugee claimant, naturalized Canadian citizen or Minister’s permit holder.

Please call 519-836-2222 to book an appointment.

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